Is Google Adwords now just another sales channel? We think so…

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The channel to end all channels

Google Adwords has long been the bane and pleasure of many of our customers. We often find that customers are spending way too much in Google Adwords and haven’t configured or optimised to get the best out of Google Adwords and maximise their revenue. So they view it as a very high cost item on their P&L sheet.

The comment we most commonly hear from customers when first engaging with them, is “I can’t wait to get rid of Google Adwords.  We can’t to be on page one for our keywords and not pay Google for anything.” More and more this is becoming less and less true. Adwords is and always will be an essential sales channel that consumers are clicking on and as we know, around 89% of sales occur on results from page one of Google.

With ongoing changes to SERPs in Google, they are more actively targeting users with Adwords content, ensuring a reduction in image content, in order to maximise the impact of Google Shopping’s image search. All results are so highly optimised for Google Adwords, so that you can never ignore Google Adwords as a relevant sales channel. If you’re not advertising on Google Adwords you’re missing out on a big slice of your sales pie.

Let’s explore a simple search term… “doors”.

What’s in a door?

A room of some kind normally, but in this example, it’s a heavily optimised for sales set of results. Completely understandable in terms of driving traffic, but it’s a very, broad term. It’s the beginning of the search journey of a user and offers no particular indication of what kind of door I’m searching for. Above the fold on a 1080p screen, over 75% of the screen is now advertising, if that isn’t an indication of why you should be running Google Adwords, I don’t know what is.

You then get 3 organic results, before you hit the local listings which then consumes another large chunk of the screen. Then it’s image results below that and finally the remaining 7 results on page one of Google. Positions 1-3 are now the goal for all SERPs activities, a much tighter grouping of results and definitely more of a challenge than ever before.


Put simply, Adwords is never going away, you shouldn’t be thinking about how you can stop paying money to Google and instead you should be getting trained to ensure you know how to run your Adwords campaigns or you should be partnering with someone that maximise on your investment and if you’re not using google ads, then start today and start getting all you can from the Adwords sales channel.

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