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It’s no surprise that the way in which people are engaging with businesses through social media, means it has become an essential strategy in online marketing. 
The unique culture to each social media platform provides an audience you can connect with, and target your brand’s message in a way they want to listen. 
SumFactors can manage  your social media accounts across all platforms, creating content, engaging with your potential customers, connecting with an audience of followers, commenting, posting, advertising, and ultimately building your business a solid social media presence in todays digital landscape. 


What's Included In Our Service

  • Management of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest accounts.
  • Finding, increasing, engaging, and collaborating with your audience.
  • Use social media as a way to gain backlinks, increase website traffic, and add a personal face to your brand.
  • Understand your business and the voice you want it to have, then create, promote & publish posts.
  • Increase your following and brand visibility

Our Process

  • Social media is a clever way to give your brand a voice, a place for people to engage with your brand and also your values. 
  • Comments, likes, follows, shares, highlights, stories, retweets, pins, blog, a strong social media following increases credibility.
  • It will boost website traffic, which can be analysed and provide insights into who is interested in your business.
  • Social media advertising can substantially increase conversion rates with targeted campaigns.
  • Tracking on social media allows you to see what your audiences engage with best, refining and creating genuine followers who are interested in your brand.
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Why Choose SumFactors?

  • We're the digital marketing experts you need to beat your competitors.
  • We’re passionate about our customers and we want you to recommend our services to other businesses.
  • We know what makes website visitors into customers and conversions.
  • We have all the skills you need to move your business forward in the digital age.
  • We’ll always give you the best possible advice on where to spend money to maximise spend for your business.
  • We offer free support with our hosting packages because we care about your site as much as you do.
  • If you're successful, we’re successful, there’s no two ways about it!
  • We’re always only a phone call away and happy to talk about your needs.

Kind Words From Our Clients

Ann Swabey
I'm so pleased with my new website, set up relatively recently by Sum Factors. It has attracted a number of new clients very quickly and my website looks very professional and attractive. Paul and Karen are so helpful, friendly and professional and I would highly recommend them
RBHM Limited
I would recommend SumFactors to anyone who is looking for more than just a website designer. Paul met with me and straight away understood my business and where I wanted to take it. His knowledge and experience has been invaluable, creating the website and digital strategy which has been part of RBHM's success. Paul is friendly and really easy to work with, always happy to help.
Kevin Danzey
We were introduced to Sum Factors over a year ago when we opened our business and needed a website and they were - and still are fantastic! The website is very professional but - most importantly - the ongoing support is priceless! nothing is too much, things get done very quickly and Paul and Karen are the nicest team you can work with!

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