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Matthew Ford, Managing Director of RBHM Ltd came to SumFactors by way of a referral.

It was time for his Central Heating and Boiler Servicing business to grow, but he would need some help with his digital marketing strategy.
Matthew made the decision to contact us, and took the first step on what has become an incredible success story.

The first thing we needed to change was the name of the business. That may sound drastic and I’m sure for Matthew it was a little daunting, but in this case it was important.

The current business branding was ‘Royal Berkshire Home Maintenance’ with a website geared around Windsor. This was limiting and meant it wasn’t quickly being found by those searching for central heating or boiler services in the other locations they covered.

Enter RBHM Ltd, a simple change but the rebranding looked great, and allowed us to start a solid SEO Campaign, Google Adwords, and Google Local Search.

Bringing onboard their latest offering of ProtectionPlus we created an interactive content driven website, produced all of their marketing materials, brochures, Terms & Conditions, as well as the design for their eye catching vans.

RBHM and SumFactors have been working together now for 2 years, and its become quite the partnership.

Benefitting from fortnightly Onsite Visits, Technical Support, Content Creation, a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Adwords Management, and an expert SEO Manager, we’ve delivered the entire package for the growth of their business. The result is that in the 2 years since we began our partnership, they have quadrupled the size of their business!

RBHM have continued to build on the work we’re doing, and through their high standards and dedication are regularly generating leads, referrals and recommendations from their new customers. They are a pleasure to deal with, and just as passionate as we are about  happy customers!  They are also receiving 7+ new leads every day from their website, and are confident continuing the partnership will only lead to greater things!

SumFactors created the perfect recipe of success for RBHM.  Their Business Growth Campaign was designed with their goals in mind, and gave them the conversions and expanse they were looking for.  Our campaigns are completely scalable and customisable, and have the credibility of proven results.

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