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Lead The Dogs help owners get the best out of their dog – creating a balanced canine.

This was a new business for Jessica (along with Huxley, Marley, and Iris, her team of amazing canine helpers) Jessica was referred to us and wanted a website with a minimalist look that was fun and welcoming, and highlighted her trusty sidekicks.

Website For Dog Walker & Trainer

What We Did

Built on WordPress we were able to play around with the design. We didn’t want the text to get lost on the pages, so thought to frame it was a nice idea, particularly as it had a comic/cartoon feel, which was a theme started by the logo. The bold font had a fun element and the images used were clear what Jessica’s business was. Jessica loved what we did and will be sending us Vlog content shortly.
As with all our websites each month she can send us any minor changes she would like made to the website, and any content she wants to be published.


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