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Jordan Baker, CEO of Sanity Marketing wanted a fun, modern, and interactive website. Pink is their brand colour, and they provided the logo and graphics.  Jordan wanted a page for each service, and for as many links as possible between pages.

What We Did

The Parallex effect was a good option to use to bring life to the website, although it did take a lot longer to configure when making the website responsive. As with all our websites we will do as many changes as needed until the client is happy, and so as the content evolved so did the design.
We made sure he had live chat installed, and did some training on that, along with creating the necessary pop-ups, newsletter signups, and welcome emails.
Jordan and Sanity Marketing are experienced in SEO so they supplied all of the copy. Jordan is constantly developing and adding to his website, and we are thrilled to see his client list expand. Well done Jordan business is looking great for Sanity Marketing!


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