SERP’s – Here today, gone tomorrow?

Ok, the title is a little scarey and SERP’s will never disappear, but it really does seem that Google are trying to push more consumers through the Adwords route rather than clicking on the organic content displayed in search results. There has been a big concern around the recent changes to Google and how display […]

The multi screen user and what it means to advertisers.

We read a really interesting article by Google that goes a long way to confirm some trends that we’ve been seeing in Google Adwords accounts. The article discusses user behaviours and that 90% of content consumption happens in front of two screens and that many conversions these days happen with the journey for researching a purchase […]

Is Google Adwords now just another sales channel? We think so…

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The channel to end all channels Google Adwords has long been the bane and pleasure of many of our customers. We often find that customers are spending way too much in Google Adwords and haven’t configured or optimised to get the best out of Google Adwords and maximise their revenue. So they view it as […]