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We Grew Turnover For One Of Our Clients From £250k Turnover To £2.5m.

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How We Bring All Of Our Services Together To Grow Businesses

If building beautiful websites is an art form, Search Engine Optimisation, Lead Acquisition & Conversions are the science of making that website a success. With an effective strategy in place your website isn’t just a piece of art on the wall, but a lead generating, business building asset that will keep your revenue growing.

The goal of our Business Growth Campaigns is to increase visibility and positively affect the online growth for our customers. Ensuring that visitors to your website have the incentive to convert and that the website has everything it needs to take them onto being your customer. As well as that, we’ll work on strategies for keeping your customers engaged and how we can turn them into returning business.

Working as your digital marketing partner we will be able to build a tailored solution which will maximise the offerings already in place, as well as identify the un-optimised areas of your website that limit the opportunities for your website visitors to become your new customers.  Through our rock solid reporting and analysis, we’ll continue to adapt our strategy throughout the campaign, to ensure that we always are doing the best for your business as we move your strategy forwards.

SumFactors Recipe For Success

As Easy As 1-2-3


Web Design

We’ll quote for and build you a beautiful, SEO optimised website that is designed to build leads and conversions. It will track every movement your visitors make, allowing us to understand what generates a conversion and ensure that we do more of that thing!
Don’t worry if you already have a web developer and website, we’ll provide you with a report that details all of the steps that your web developer needs to follow. Although you will be surprised about what great value our websites are.

If you have a great website, we will definitely work with that and you should go to the front of the class and also step 3!

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We’ll ensure that from day 1 your site is visible in Google, that it’s optimised for local search, and that your business has the best opportunity of being found for the keywords and services that are important to the success of your business.

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We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the Business Growth Campaign package that is right for your business, a budget that makes sense, and we’ll give you the best bang for your buck or pound as the case may be.

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Our Business Growth Toolkit

We will analyse all of the content on your website and make suggestions for content updates, perform those updates or in the case of a 3rd Party Developer, provide the updates in an easy to understand report.

These updates will include the following:

  • Website performance optimisation – slow websites don’t convert well and discourage visitors from viewing more pages.
  • Ensure that key events on your website are tracked in Google Analytics so that we can track success with ease.
  • Ensure that you Google Analytics Reporting is configured correctly.
  • Google Search Console configuration for keyword monitoring.
  • Google Adwords Tracking validation (if required).
  • eCommerce tracking (if required).
  • Visible content updates for all key pages ‘H’ tag review and updates on all key pages.
  • Paragraph Copy review and update on all key page.
  • Non-visible content updates for all key pages Meta Title updates.
  • Meta Description updates to improve rankings in Google.
  • Updates to image tags.
  • Check all local properties on contact pages Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Ensuring that there are clear calls to actions visible on key parts of your web pages.
  • Optimising your keywords for your landing pages and identifying if you need additional targeted landing pages.

Throughout the campaign we will be analysing your competition and the companies that are already ranking for the key search terms.  Once we have identified their recipe for success, we will then create a strategy to acquire the same links and content as them, but building ours on a much stronger foundation, to make it more difficult for your business to be displaced from the higher positions once we get you there. 

The following actions will be performed as a result of these actions:

  • Build unique & quality backlinks to your website that have the highest value for your business and have given the highest value to their position in Google.
  • Build lower value backlinks for your site that help create subtle signals to Google.
  • Identify poorly formed backlinks that you currently have and attempt to have them modified/removed from 3rd party sites.
  • Register your business in relevant directories for your business and industry.
  • We’ll work to identify new sales channels for your business, making it easier to find new customers.

The goal of our activities is to increase your sales and your presence online.  We are confident in the value our work will bring to your business, and although we know you will feel the same without looking through reports, we offer an complete reporting platform, showing exactly how we are impacting your keyword rankings in Google and showing the conversions you get from our work.  

This allows you to easily track how we are having an impact on the following:

  • Correcting issues on your site that result in Google not understanding enough about your content.
  • The backlinks we’re generating for your website.
  • The position of your chosen keywords and other new keywords created in the Google Index.
  • Conversion tracking, showing the source of the conversion, the keywords they used to find you and where possible the conversion value.
  • Simple, clear Adwords Reporting.
  • Updates to social media and increases in influence in Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Increases in traffic from Search Engines. 

Our reports provide complete transparency on everything that we do for your business, and we’re always available to discuss the deeper elements of the reports if there is anything you’re not sure of.

We’ll work with you to understand your business and what makes your business and your customers tick. We’ll then come up with some ideas for some great ways to engage with your existing customers, and even more importantly how you can engage with new customers in the most cost effective way.

  • Create blog / news content for your website that helps tie all of your existing content together and creates cornerstone content for your business.
  • Create new pages for your website to test what content results in the highest conversion rates for your business using A/B testing to validate the results.

We work with you each month to identify the keywords and services that you would like to promote.  We write SEO optimised press releases and push them out across the web. This results in a solid amount of syndication, and normally over 100 back links coming to your website from reputable news syndication sources.  This also gives the opportunity for the international press to pickup the content and reach out to run additional content on your goods r services.

We’ll work with you to understand your business and what makes your business and your customers tick. We’ll then come up with some ideas for some great ways to engage with your existing customers and even more importantly how you can engage with new customers in the most cost effective way.

  • Use MailChimp to engage with your existing customers and acquire new ones to add to your lists.
  • Create marketing materials for your business to help promote your products and services.
    • Print: Designs for brochures, leaflets, marketing stands where relevant
  • Use AdWords to generate new leads for your business. If you’re not using Adwords you should be, even if you are at position 1 in Google, your business could still be missing out on 20% of search traffic.
  • Analyse how your customers engage with their customers and take the best of what they do and make it yours.
  • Further utilise your social media accounts to engage with and extend your customer base.
  • Use/create your social media accounts to create further signals to Google on the content on your site and it’s importance to your business
We’ll take over the day to day running of all of your social media accounts, grow your audience, engage with your existing followers and look for any leads on your platforms of choice.
  • Expert Strategy Development for Social Growth
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Expertly Crafted Posts, using the voice that you want to keep your audience engaged
  • Customer Created Interactions
  • Guaranteed Social Growth
  • ROI Revealing Monthly Reports

We’ll take over the day to day management and optimisation of your Adwords account.  We’ll constantly be looking for new keyword opportunities, including long tail keywords. We’ll look for badly performing keywords and ensure that you’re not spending on those keywords.

As part of the monthly reports we provide, you’ll see details of how our work has impacted your Adwords account. We’ll have a catch up call, discuss progress on that month and review the actions to be taken in the coming month.

The entire services includes:

  • Ensuring that all conversions are being tracked accurately.
  • Removal of non performing keywords
  • Optimising bidding for performing keywords.
  • Research new keywords with a high commercial intent.
  • Ensure your landing pages are highly optimised.
  • Optimise Ad Groups for relevance.
  • A/B Testing on landing pages to increase conversions.
  • A/B Testing of new adverts to increase conversions.
  • Last but not least, follow the conversions and make more of them.

Our Service & Pricing Is Bespoke

Our services are completely bespoke and we pride ourselves on working with any budget and any sized business. The important factor is how quickly you want our actions to have a positive impact on your business. It is literally the more you put in, the more we can do and the more you can get out. 

A few samples from existing customer, but you can combine any of these services into your bespoke package

(The names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Company A

Company A were looking to spend a little and keep everything tidy and keep their Google Ads account sharp.
£ 350 Monthly
  • Website Activities
  • Business Building
  • Reporting
  • Content Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Engagement
  • Social Media Management
  • Adwords Account Management

Company B

Company B were looking to grow online and increase their rankings and have regular meetings...
£ 550 Monthly
  • Website Activities
  • Business Building
  • Reporting
  • Content Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Engagement
  • Social Media Management
  • Adwords Account Management

Company C

This businesses wanted to grow quickly and make the most out of our services & offerings.
(Lucius in R&D was a blast)
£ 1200 Monthly
  • Website Activities
  • Business Building
  • Reporting
  • Content Creation
  • Press Releases
  • Engagement
  • Social Media Management
  • Adwords Account Management

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