10 Visitor Must-Haves Which Are Always In Season

What converts a visitor?

This is an article about digital marketing…honestly, but in the immortal words of Max Bygraves… ‘I wanna tell you a story’

Last Saturday I went clothes shopping with my daughter (..who I was out with is not important. Actually I’ll take that immediately back, she’s a teenager so any time she gives me is a big deal. However the point is I don’t think this was specific to her).

At the start of our trip we would go into a shop, she would select something that caught her eye, she’d put it up against herself and have a good look, consider her options, try a different size or something else.  She looked through the entire of the shop and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself. Not wanting to go with her first find she said we would come back.
She’d bookmarked the shop.

As we moved around town her behaviour changed, having now been in some good shops, she quickly work out those that were not worth her time.
It went from having a good look and trying things on, to now just trailing her hand across the clothing racks, and occasionally pulling out the edge of something, was enough to know it wasn’t right.

Patience diminishing, only the racks closest to the entrance would receive her attention. If the shop looked busy or the racks looks cluttered, we didn’t even go in.
She’d bounced the shop immediately.

Needless to say we went back to the first few shops, which were now equally busy, and not quite as neat as before. The effort to find what we were after was too much, and neither of us really wanted to add more hassle to the assistants. Same shop different experience, we left empty handed. I say empty handed, but I’m fairly sure we walked back to the car Latte in hand.

Her behaviour was influenced by how she felt, and how she felt influenced her behaviour. As a Business Nerd I am working to that every day.

Businesses have websites to increase revenue by turning a visitor into a customer, and then a returning customer.
The conversions which are more important to the success of each business will differ,  but the greater number of conversions the greater the success.

Calls To Action and the ‘Add to Cart’ ‘ Continue Shopping’ ‘Sign Up’ ‘ Subscribe’ ‘Get your Free Quote’ ‘Learn More’ are the steps towards a beautiful friendship.

Digital marketing may not be relationship counselling, but there are certainly things that will help create a positive experience, and help turn your visitors into friends.

…and so onto the must-haves

Below are the 10 visitor must-haves, which will influence your visitors behaviour in a positive way:

1)  Make sure you’re easily found, and you arrive on time. No one likes to be left waiting. Page speed is a first impression you want to get right.

2) How is the visitor finding you? Are you responsive on all devices? It would be a shame to waste all the effort you’re going to because of how they are getting to you.

3) Looks do Count. Now is the time to be a little shallow. Aesthetics matter. Dress to Impress, and dress for those you want to attract.

4) Give them Space. Don’t overwhelm with information. Direct attention to the important things, and make it easy for them to find out more.

5) Trust is Everything. you want them to feel confident to share, show that they are not alone and others trust you too. Be Professional, Spelling and Formatting errors lack credence, show that they are safe with you.

6) Keep Up-to-Date.  Looks, Features, Functionality, Links that all work, News items updated.  No big gaps in the last time you published something, show you are a hard worker and take pride in yourself.

7) Give an Incentive for them to Act. Something Free, Immediate, Regular, Discounted…be honest though, not everyone feels super lucky that they have turned up just in time for the Last Few Remaining!

8) Be Unique. Have something different about you.  You have competition, know who these are, and work out what they are doing, and do more.

9) Keep in Touch.  Also get to know their friends, maybe you can all hang out, give reason for them to make an introduction,

10) Never Forget who your friends are. Support them, listen to them, ask how you can be better and reward loyalty.  Make their experience as hassle free as possible, be the perfect host and serve them.

You may ‘get by’ with a little help from your friends, but you can also Grow your Business and become a Thriving Success!

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